Aja's Apothecary is relocating! 

Due to unforseen circumstances, Aja's Apothecary is relocating to South Carolina.

Please bear with us during this transition!

We will see you soon!

Our existing customers may contact us at 702-768-6155 for re-orders.

Who We Are

Here at Aja’s Apothecary, we believe in the healing properties of the gifts provided by nature. In order to experience the greatest therapeutic value, our skin and beauty products are made from natural ingredients. We never use chemical preservatives or artificial colors.

All of our products are homemade; that is to say that they are literally made in the kitchen of an actual home, where a family lives and loves. The most important ingredient that goes into our products is Tender Loving Care!

Aja (AH-jah) is an African nature deity honored by the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria. Her domain is the forest and woodlands, as well as the animals and medicinal herbs found within them. Throughout West Africa, she is worshipped as a wise woman and a healer. It is believed that Aja teaches herblore to her followers, instructing them on the healing properties of plants and trees, and ensuring the physical and spiritual health of the tribe.

Thank you for visiting our site. We sincerely hope that you enjoy your purchase, and that your skin, hair, and health flourish as a result. 

DO NOT use products containing essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing without consulting a medical or naturopathic doctor. Some essential oils induce uterine contractions; due to ethical reasons, the safety of essential oils has not been tested on pregnant women.

DO NOT use products containing essential oils on babies or children under 3 years of age without consulting a medical or naturopathic doctor. If you have a known medical or skin condition, consult with a medical or naturopathic doctor prior to using products containing essential oils.

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